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Flexible Purchasing

Along with the right risk management strategy, flexible purchasing can be a great way to cut down your energy costs. With seasonal and month-in-advance purchasing, we can help pick the perfect strategy for your business.

Fixed Price Purchasing

Long-term fixed contracts provide comfort in knowing your energy prices will not shoot up throughout your contract term. We make sure your energy consumption is within your budget, bringing peace of mind.

Blended Portfolio

Aligning multiple contacts under one supplier with a blended portfolio can help simplify your businesses energy management.

Risk Management

Taking on the risk of flexible purchasing can bring a lot of uncertainty to your bills and the future success of your business. However, we create a fully risk-managed solution to keep you in the clear.

What is Energy Procurement?

Energy procurement is not just a rudimentary exercise in securing your business an energy contract, it is an in-depth strategic endeavour which necessitates an extensive look into your current energy strategy, energy consumption, and long-term energy goals. With this information, a perfect energy contract can be created to fill each and every one of these needs.

Energy procurement is more than just cost-effective energy solutions; it involves the formulation of a bespoke energy strategy that integrates seamlessly into your existing operational infrastructure. The process encompasses many activities, from rigorous market analytics and data-driven insights to adept contract negotiations and risk assessments, all orchestrated to optimise your energy portfolio in a way that helps your business thrive and propel it into the future. Our established portfolio of suppliers allows us to find the perfect supplier for your businesses needs and future goals, whether that be renewable energy, energy efficiency, or cost reduction.

Our pricing specialists look at your energy expenditure, consumption, and peal demand to tailor make an energy package bespoke to each business ensuring they get the most cost-effective deal. We look at all types of contracts, such as fixed, pass-through or Flexi options to best suit your business and the industry you operate in.

Best of all, we take care of the entire procurement process, ensuring a smooth transfer period between suppliers and that is of little stress as possible. Energy procurement can help reduce the costs, and increase the efficiency of every kind of business, even non-profit organisations.

York Multi Academy Trust

We have been working with Direct Business Solutions for around two years since they initially procured our energy contracts for the entire York Multi Academy Trust portfolio. We feel we have been very well looked after from the beginning of our relationship with DBS and will continue to work alongside their expert teams where the Academy Trust’s energy management and sustainability are concerned.

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