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How Does This Help Me?

Cost Savings

Over time, renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, reduce electricity bills, offering significant long-term savings.

Energy Independence

Using onsite renewables like solar or wind reduces reliance on external energy suppliers and protects against fluctuating energy prices.

Government Incentives

Many governments offer tax incentives, grants, or rebates for businesses that invest in renewable energy, reducing initial costs.

Energy Security

Diversifying energy sources with renewables decreases vulnerability to supply disruptions and contributes to a more resilient energy infrastructure.

What is Renewable Energy?

Businesses have multiple pathways to adopt renewable energy practices, one of which is by installing solar panels on their premises. Solar panels not only allow companies to generate their own clean energy but also significantly reduce their electricity bills over time. This energy independence means businesses are less vulnerable to fluctuations in energy prices and can enjoy greater control over their energy use.

Alternatively, businesses can opt to sign contracts with renewable energy suppliers. These agreements, known as Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) or green tariffs, allow businesses to purchase their energy directly from renewable sources without the need for any infrastructure investment. This approach is particularly attractive for companies seeking a straightforward method to enhance their sustainability credentials without the upfront costs and logistical challenges associated with installing solar panels or other renewable technologies.

Both strategies—installing solar panels and entering renewable energy contracts—offer distinct advantages. However, they share common benefits in fostering a more stable and predictable energy future for businesses. As global and national policies increasingly favour environmental sustainability, these renewable energy options position businesses advantageously in the shift towards Net Zero emissions by 2050.

By adopting these practices, businesses not only contribute positively to the environment but also align themselves with emerging regulatory expectations and consumer preferences for greener business operations.

Zane Blanchard

Direct Business Solutions have more than lived up to their name.  The gentlemen who handled matters on our behalf, Jordan Carter, he was efficient, helpful and very capable within his designated role. Our Club now has a more sustainable and economic gas energy contract thanks to their work.  We look forward to repeating the experience (and the savings) when our electricity energy contract comes up for renewal a little way down the road.

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