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In addition to the outstanding advantages we provide, we are committed to assisting you with training, development, and ongoing support to foster genuine opportunities for advancing your career, enabling you to reach your full potential!

We continuously seek motivated individuals to embark on this journey with us. Are you prepared to take the leap?


See the benefits roll in

At DBS, our benefits are unrivalled, specifically designed to enhance your work-life experience and add that extra touch of enjoyment.


Daily/Monthly Incentives

We take pride in offering our staff a diverse range of incentives to recognize their hard work and dedication. From additional vacation days and monetary rewards to exciting sporting and event tickets, we ensure our employees are rewarded for their efforts and achievements.


Healthy Work-Life Balance

We recognize the significance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. We value your need to unwind and recharge after a productive day at work. All we truly desire is for you to have the time and opportunity to rejuvenate outside of work.


Bupa Health & Dental Care

Through our partnership with Bupa, we offer exceptional health and dental care benefits. Take advantage of our coverage and ensure your well-being with regular check-ups and examinations. Your health matters to us, and we've got you covered.


Enhanced Leave

With our enhanced maternity and paternity leave policies, we prioritize providing ample time for new parents to settle into their roles. We understand the importance of this transitional period and ensure that time is not an issue, allowing you to fully embrace and adapt to this precious phase of life.


Annual Staff Parties

When it comes to parties, we spare no effort in making them unforgettable. From exciting themes to an abundance of gifts, our celebrations are truly remarkable. You definitely wouldn't want to miss out on the fun and surprises that await you at our vibrant gatherings.


Ongoing Training

Whether you're just starting your journey with us or have been part of our team for a while, we firmly believe in fostering continuous growth and development. We are committed to supporting and empowering anyone who aspires to enhance their skills and advance their career. At our organization, there is always room for progression, and we are dedicated to helping everyone reach their full potential.

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Performing well? Prepare to be rewarded.

At our company, we offer more than just a competitive initial salary. We have an industry-leading commission structure in place that empowers you to boost your earnings through our dynamic salary matrix. This means that your salary has the potential to grow significantly based on your performance and achievements. We believe in rewarding your hard work and providing you with the opportunity to proactively increase your own income.

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We'll miss you, but no need to rush.

We prioritize providing comprehensive support for maternity and paternity leave, recognizing the significance of the early days spent with a new born for both parents. We understand the importance of cherishing those special little moments and strive to ensure that you don't miss out on creating precious memories during this significant time in your life. Our enhanced policies aim to support and facilitate a nurturing environment for you and your growing family.

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We're Northern, so we
love to party.

Our parties are unparalleled and simply unmissable! We go above and beyond, like inviting the enchanting lot from Hogwarts to add a touch of magic to the festivities. With a wide array of prizes, delightful drinks, and endless fun, our annual year parties stand out from the rest. Join us on the dance floor as we celebrate your achievements and create unforgettable memories together.

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Staff training
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It's time to level up.

DBS is deeply committed to the continuous training and development of our workforce. We provide extensive training and coaching programs that empower you to enhance your existing skills or acquire new ones. These opportunities enable you to perform at your best and unlock your full potential. We believe in investing in your growth, ensuring that you have the necessary resources and support to thrive in your professional journey.

 "Great company to work for."

Fantastic training and academy. Great career progression prospects. Very competitive commission, and a fun and energetic place to work.

Energy Analyst
Houghton-le Spring, England

"I love coming to work!"

What a fantastic place of work Direct Business Solutions is. After working for another business in the industry and moving across to DBS, I felt like I had a new lease of life. I am supported and encouraged to be the best that I can be.

Team Manager
Houghton-le Spring, England

"Fantastic Culture"

I can honestly say this is the best move I have made. I have been challenged and fully supported since day one. I cannot thank the company enough for the opportunities.

Business Development Executive
Glasgow, Scotland


Always get the support you need. They keep motivation up with the staff. Have numerous benefits and incentives. Provides opportunities for all to go further.

Environmental and Sustainability Analyst
Houghton-le Spring, England

Staff Insights

Watch this video to learn a little more about us, as our amazing staff share their invaluable insights and insider knowledge.

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