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Understand the energy crisis

Need help understanding what the energy crisis means for you and your business?
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Featured Blogs

Everything you need to know to keep you and your business in touch with the latest energy updates.
Energy Price Forecasts and What our Experts Predict for 2025
April 20, 2023

Energy Price Forecasts and What our Experts Predict for 2025

Energy prices have risen to extreme highs over the past few years. How do we use price forecasts to mitigate the effects and plan for the future?

Energy Account Management for your Business
April 13, 2023

Energy Account Management for your Business

Energy consultancy account management is a critical aspect of energy consultancy services. It provides businesses with ongoing support to manage their energy usage, costs, and environmental impact, leading to cost savings, increased sustainability, improved energy efficiency, and regulatory compliance.

The Impact of Energy Subsidies and Taxes on the Energy Industry
April 5, 2023

The Impact of Energy Subsidies and Taxes on the Energy Industry

Subsidies can have positive economic, social, and environmental effects, but they can also lead to unintended consequences and distortions in the energy market.

What we offer

We offer a wide range of services that are tailored to make your energy accounts work for you.

Energy Procurement

Our industry-leading energy procurement services give you access to a huge network of suppliers, creating the perfect energy contract for your business.

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Energy Management

We support the most complex energy strategies through our energy management services team. Working with the latest energy management technologies, your energy will be modern, reliable, and work for you!

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Renewable Energy

We can guide you through Green Deal Approved energy reduction projects, throwing your business into the future, which will help reduce your energy expenditure, and your impact on the environment and get you on your way to Net-Zero.

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Becoming a partner with us does not only give your business a chance to earn an additional revenue stream, but by becoming a part of the Partner Channel team we can boost your business profile in a vast number of ways.

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Account Management

Our highly trained and dedicated industry experts will tackle the issues you will face with supplies, giving you peace of mind and helping you put the focus back on your business.

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Additional Services

We don’t only help you create the perfect energy management for your business. We also offer a whole load of other services, including telecoms, chip and pin, transportation services and many more.

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Strategy development and implementation, sustainability reporting, renewable energy feasibility, strategies and natural capital reporting.
Energy Reduction
We have a proven track record of energy reduction programmes to identify and eliminate waste and reduce consumption.
Renewable Energy
Investigation and feasibility of renewable energy projects, with the provision of PPA (Power Purchase Agreements) and OFGEM accreditations.
Over £500m pa of procurement under management with
market-leading risk mitigation covering Electric, Gas, Water and Telecoms globally.

Who are Direct Business Solutions?

We know more than anyone that having to take time away from your business to manage your energy can be a struggle, that’s why we want to help get you back on track while we take care of the boring stuff.


Our team of 180 amazing staff from all over the country have worked with 500 of the country’s leading companies to find them the perfect energy solution.



We find the perfect energy solutions for your business; our solution combines outstanding account management from industry experts to deal with your procurement and energy management needs.



Over a period of 4 years, we have recovered in excess of £1.75m worth of overpayments made by our clients to energy suppliers.

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