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How Does This Help Me?

New Revenue

By adding energy procurement to your offerings, you can diversify your income with minimal upfront costs, and enhance profitability.


You will receive ongoing direct access to expert advice and support, which will help you market and sell effectively.

Adaptable Partnership

Our program is adaptable to any business size, and you can engage at levels that suit your goals, promising greater rewards for more effort.

Market Competitiveness

Offering energy solutions sets you apart, making your business more competitive in a market that values innovation and sustainability.

Our partnership program.

Our partner programme is designed to help you expand the scope of your business and offer an additional revenue stream by allowing you to provide energy procurement to your clients, without the required back-end resources and expense. After becoming a partner, you’ll work hand in hand with one of our account managers to develop an outreach plan for your existing client base. Our partner channel is a way for businesses and sub-brokers to introduce our products and services to their clients or members.

By introducing Direct Business Solutions to your contacts, you can receive a regular income based on the sales achieved. Our clients work along a scale of various relationship levels. No matter what sector you work within we will be able to see how working in partnership with us could benefit both parties. No matter how small or big your business is or how little or how much you want to incorporate us within your business, it is simply the more work you put in the more you will get out.

Once agreed to a relationship level, you will be introduced to one of our experienced relationship managers who are there primarily to help and guide you throughout. You can give them a call at any point during the day to check in on how things are going, they are always happy to help.

Dr M. Villegas

Like any other heavy-consuming energy company, we had ambitious targets to meet in terms of cost and consumption. Historically, we had a consultancy company which was not proactive enough. When it came to selecting a new consultant, we had many companies approach us. We chose DBS as they seemed a good fit. DBS was onsite or over the phone whenever we needed them from the start. We have managed to achieve our all our set targets. I am pleased to see that DBS has a plan for further improvements, and we are looking forward to carrying on our partnership with them.

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