How we work.


Our commitment to sustainability drives us to implement environmentally friendly solutions to help reduce our clients environmental impact.

Our work with sustainability.

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in all our operations, ensuring a greener and healthier planet for future generations.

How we work sustainably.

Direct Business Solutions is dedicated to sustainability and creating a positive impact on the environment. We collaborate closely with leading renewable energy suppliers to ensure that our clients have access to clean, sustainable sources of energy. Additionally, we assist businesses in embracing green energy by utilising cutting-edge technology to optimise their energy usage and significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

Innovative Industrial Tools.

Our Industrion platform includes a range of tools designed to seamlessly enhance your energy management. Featuring Insight, ADAPT, and SparkLab, we provide businesses with the latest in energy-efficient machinery and systems designed to lower energy usage, enhance operational efficiency, and minimise emissions.

Smart Energy Management.

Leveraging advanced tools from our energy solutions including energy audits, Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR), and Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), we offer intelligent energy management solutions that provide real-time insights and analytics. These tools help businesses monitor and control their energy consumption, leading to more efficient use of resources and substantial cost savings.


We closely collaborate with renewable energy providers to source energy from wind, solar, hydroelectric power, and more. This supports the growth of renewable energy industries and ensures a reliable supply of green energy for our clients.

Since 2017, we've saved over a Terawatt of energy with our customers.

Using the latest technology and forecasting tools, we have helped our customers reduce their energy output, resulting in over a terawatt of energy saved