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November 2, 2023

What is the COP28 Blue Zone?

What is the COP28 Blue Zone and what is it all about?

The Climate Change Conference, better known as COP28, brought the world’s attention to the bustling Expo City in Dubai. Among the many sections of this grand event, the 'Blue Zone' emerged as a special hub. This is where all the official talks happened, and where people from around the world gathered to discuss how to make our planet greener and safer. Let's take a closer look at what makes the Blue Zone the heart of COP28.

Who has access?

The Blue Zone isn’t open to just anyone; it’s like a VIP section for climate discussions. Only those with special permission from the United Nations climate body (UNFCCC) can enter. This includes representatives from different countries, international and non-governmental organisations, media, and UN officials. This special access ensures that serious and constructive conversations take place in this zone.

Who is running the Blue Zone?

The whole zone operates under the big umbrella of the United Nations, showcasing the importance of the talks happening here. The United Nations climate body manages the area, while the host country, the UAE, takes care of the physical spaces like meeting rooms and offices. This setup helps in keeping things organized and providing private spaces for important discussions.

Expo City Dubai

The Blue Zone was set up in Expo City Dubai, providing a new and exciting backdrop for this year’s climate conference. Unlike previous conferences, the setup here was designed to encourage easy interaction and collaboration among attendees, making the experience not only productive but also engaging.

What’s happening at the Blue Zone?

The Blue Zone was bustling with activities for two full weeks. Besides the serious negotiation sessions, it hosted a variety of events. There was the World Climate Action Summit, exhibitions from different countries, special events organized by the presidency, and many side events like panel discussions and cultural shows. Each day brought a new wave of discussions and ideas, adding to the global effort to combat climate change.

The Blue Zone symbolizes global teamwork in facing climate challenges. As COP28 wrapped up, the discussions and decisions made in the Blue Zone continue to inspire actions worldwide. It’s a glimpse into how nations can come together, share ideas, and work towards a common goal - a healthier and safer planet for all.

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