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January 18, 2023

The Direct Trading Solutions Corporate Channel

We have officially launched our corporate channel! Bringing the skills of many together to help more companies than ever take control of their business's energy!

Why we launched a corporate channel?

We created the corporate channel to suit the needs of our larger customers. Our proposition has been solely focused on procurement lead services admittedly falling short on key aspects of our client’s energy needs. We now offer a more strategic approach to buying, our in-house trade floor provides live time buying capability and a more robust product suite and boasts over 50 years of risk management and flexible purchasing experience. Linked with the core services from our sister companies within The Direct Business Group, Direct Business Solutions and Direct Energy Solutions we have formed together the complete proposition for larger users across every utility requirement.

What companies create the corporate channel?

Direct Business Group:

Direct Business Group is made up of different experts focusing on various goals within the energy sector. Separating our focus helps us work more efficiently and drive towards individual targets.

The Direct Business Group logo incorporates DBS, DTS and one other piece of the puzzle, which will be announced soon…

Direct Business Solutions:

Direct Business Solutions already have an amazing track record within the energy industry. After helping hundreds of companies reclaim over £1.75m in rebates we have a huge list of happy customers. DBS focus on SME and Midmarket companies and creates energy strategies which help them ride the wave created by the energy crisis and come out of the other end not only scratch-free but better off.

Direct Trading Solutions:

DTS form the I&C/Public Sector delivery suit part of the Direct Business Group, working closely with clients to ensure perfect product delivery. DTS analyses data evaluates your current energy strategy and delivers a forward solution that delivers the best result for your business. The priority goal for DTS is to create more efficient companies, which make informed decisions and reduce their costs as much as possible.

Our goals and vision

Our vision is the same as always, creating perfect energy strategies while keeping costs low for as many businesses as possible. Putting the customer’s needs first has been and will always be our number priority, we want to create growth, promote sustainability and be honest with every client we come across. While we keep clients happy and create amazing energy management, we also want to innovate the industry and bring to the table what no other consultant has before.

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