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September 14, 2022

Sustainable Technologies

Exciting new sustainable technologies!

We are constantly hearing about new technologies that are going to ‘change the world’ and ‘bring us closer to net-zero’, however, these never seem to come into fruition and seem to get lost in the constant flow of exciting news being thrown at us on the internet.

Although we may forget about many of these hopeful new pieces of tech, there are a few that have stood out to us at DBS. None of these are pipedreams or concepts, they have all either happened, or happening!

The solar powered car by Aptera

“Aptera is the most efficient Solar Electric Vehicle that requires no charging for most daily use - giving you the freedom to do more with less impact on the planet.”

What a claim! Imagine never having to charge or fill up your car! Well, that’s what Aptera are claiming to have created, a 3 wheeled solar powered car which may never have to be charged by some drivers. Obviously, many customers from the UK will be charging there car much more often than those who live in a sunnier country for example, but the solar aspect of the car creates much less need for charging, therefore saving more energy and money.

If you aren’t sold yet, get a load of this. You can actually reserve one of these cars right now, for as little as $25,000 (£20,664). So not only is it futuristic and will help cut your carbon footprint, but it costs less than many other brand-new electric cars in the industry.

Offshore Floating Solar Power by Solar Duck

Solar Duck are a company who are currently building solar panels that can float on water like a carpet! These will make better* use of the space used by wind farms and generate even more clean energy. This is because of the compact nature of solar panels that don’t have to be spread out across huge areas of water, they also cause less damage to the wildlife with no birds being hit and cause less eye pollution as they will be less visible from the shore. With 70% of the Earth’s surface being covered in water, using some of this to power our homes and businesses is only logical.

Although offshore wind farms are still a great way to create renewable energy and are still being created all over the worlds, it is great to see a company take a unique view on how we can use the abundant waters to our advantage. With lots of time for this tech to develop, we are excited see how these changes over the coming years.

The world's fastest electric ‘flying’ ferry

Stockholm with soon be home to the brand new ‘flying’ ferry that will be faster and more convenient than cars, buses, and metros. Starting with a 9-month trial in 2023, the ferry could make commuting across the city 50minutes faster for some people.

Because of the ferry’s design, it creates little to no waves when travelling at its top speed of 30-knots, therefore it is able to surpass the current speed limit of 12-knots as there will be no collateral damage made by waves.

This amazing new way of flying across the waters will hopefully be implemented in lots of other cities around the world if it is a success in Stockholm and will create a new way of travelling for city dwellers.


These are only 3 exciting new technologies, and there are many more out there being developed as we speak! We are excited to see the world become a place where sustainable technology is the norm and fossil fuel ran tech is no longer!

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