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June 7, 2023

Direct Business Solution at the Royal Cornwall Show

This year will be at the Royal Cornwall Show, talking to many individuals about their business’s energy needs, and hopefully helping them in any way we can.

What is the Royal Cornwall Show?

This year DBS have decided to attend The Royal Cornwall Show! This event is an annual agricultural show held in Cornwall, this year it is taking place from the 8th to the 10th of June. It is one of the largest events in the region and showcases the best of Cornish farming, agriculture, and rural life. The show has a long history, dating back to its first edition in 1793, and it continues to attract thousands of visitors each year.

The Royal Cornwall Show features a wide range of activities and exhibits. Agricultural competitions are a significant part of the event, including livestock shows, horse competitions, and dog trials. Farmers and breeders from across Cornwall and beyond bring their prized animals to compete for top honours.

In addition to showcasing farming and agriculture, the show also offers a diverse range of entertainment and attractions. Visitors can explore the exhibition halls, which house displays of local produce, crafts, and products. There are also food stalls offering a variety of delicious Cornish delicacies.

The event serves as a platform for farmers, businesses, and organizations to promote and share knowledge about agriculture, sustainability, and rural industries. It offers opportunities for networking, trade, and education, making it an important event in the agricultural calendar of Cornwall.

Why are we attending the show?

During the course of the show, our aim is to engage with a wide range of individuals, exploring various strategies for enhancing energy-related aspects of their businesses. We will strive to connect with as many people as possible, delving into diverse topics such as energy management, consumption reduction, and increasing sustainability.

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