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April 10, 2024

A Guide to Waste Management for Businesses

Our guide to business waste management will help youunderstand how waste management works and why your business will benefit from implmenting a clear strategy.

No matter what size or type of business you run, you will produce rubbish, making it essential to have a proper waste management system in place. By having the correct waste management services, you can ensure that your business is free from rubbish like food waste and other refuse, discarded textile materials, hazardous waste, etc., and that it is disposed of in a way that meets the legal requirements of the UK.

What is a Waste Management System?

A waste management system refers to the steps a company takes to dispose of, reduce, reuse, and prevent waste. Companies typically introduce strategies to manage waste from creation to disposal. Most strategies focus on reducing a company's carbon footprint and increasing sustainability.

Commercial Waste Disposal Methods

Possible methods of disposal include but are not limited to, recycling, composting, incinerating, landfills, bioremediation, waste to energy, and waste minimisation. Commercial waste collection is also available for each of these methods.

Recycling: This option is ideal for the disposal of organic waste - plastic, glass, and metal.

Composting: While organic waste such as food or paper can be recycled, composting is typically a better option as it helps to create nutrient-rich fertiliser.

Incinerating: Incinerating is typically used for different types of hazardous materials, including soil, sludge, liquid, and gases, as it destroys many harmful chemicals.

Landfill: Landfills are designed for non-hazardous waste, general waste, non-recyclable materials, and inert waste like bricks and soil.

Bioremediation: This method uses microorganisms to degrade organic contaminants in soil, groundwater, sludge, and solids. The microorganisms break down contaminants by using them as an energy source.

Waste to Energy: This is the conversion of non-recyclable waste into heat, electricity, or fuel using a renewable energy source such as anaerobic digestion and plasma gasification.

Waste Minimisation: Any action that reduces the amount and/or toxicity of chemical wastes that must be shipped off-site for disposal as hazardous waste.

Why is Business Waste Management Important?

Waste management is essential for every business, as your company has a legal and ethical responsibility to correctly dispose of its waste in a way that is safe for human and animal life, as well as the planet. A waste management service can help businesses safely, legally, and responsibly get rid of any rubbish they produce. Making every effort to ensure it’s recycled or disposed of in a way that gives back to the planet, such as creating renewable energy if recycling is not an option.

How to Create a Waste Management Plan

Common business practices for assessing or creating a waste management plan include conducting a site walk-through waste audit. This allows you to identify development needs, including budget, waste composition, generation, and potential reduction. Once your goal and assessment are completed, you can determine the needed resources, assign a person to outline their responsibilities and establish a timeline. Regardless of size or the type of business operations, you will produce rubbish, so a proper waste management system is essential.

Having the correct waste management services in place ensures your business is clear of rubbish such as food waste and other refuse, discarded textile materials, hazardous waste, and more; but it also ensures it is disposed of in a way that meets the UK’s legal requirements.

Waste Management with Direct Business Management

Our team of waste management specialists has assisted numerous businesses throughout the UK in securing cost-effective and bespoke waste management solutions that enable these enterprises to flourish and enhance their environmental stewardship.

Our extensive network of waste management providers allows us to find the ideal service for you, offering competitive rates and the perfect service scope and duration to meet your unique requirements. Whether your goal is to achieve your sustainability objectives or to minimise your waste management costs, we've got you covered, regardless of your business type.

Discover more about our waste management services, or contact our team to explore your options today!

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