Symphony Healthcare Services

Tailored Energy Solutions

What We Did.

Alex Davies at DBS provided Symphony Healthcare Services with tailored energy solutions, effectively addressing their needs and concerns with a professional and considerate approach.


The Problem.

Symphony Healthcare Services needed to secure competitive and suitable energy supply contracts while focusing on reducing consumption. The management had reservations about engaging with energy brokers due to past experiences of hard selling and condescending approaches. They required a professional who could understand their specific needs and provide tailored solutions.


Our Solution.

Upon recommendation from a sector contact, Symphony Healthcare Services reached out to Alex Davies at DBS. Despite initial reservations, Alex quickly put the management at ease with his professional and considerate approach. He listened carefully to understand the organisation's needs and focus on reducing consumption.

Alex recommended solutions that were fit for purpose and ensured that early service promises were delivered. His professional manner and effective support made a significant positive impact on Symphony Healthcare Services.


Our Result.

Iwas recommended Alex Davies at DBS by a contact within our sector. In truth Igenerally avoid speaking with energy brokers due to their hard / over-sellingapproach and often condescending manner. Alex was different and despite myreservations I was put at ease quickly. He did listen carefully to assimilatemy organisation’s needs, my existing level of knowledge of energy supply and mydesire to focus on reducing consumption as well as securing competitive andsuitable supply contracts. As a result the recommended solutions were fit forpurpose and early service promises have been delivered. At the very least Iwould recommend having a conversation with Alex to understand how DBS cansupport your organisation.

PhilipAyton - Director of Finance – Symphony Healthcare Services

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