Station Hotel

Direct Business Solutions navigated a complex supplier transition for Station Hotel & Restaurant Melrose.

What We Did.

We resolved a supplier switch issue for Station Hotel & Restaurant Melrose, ensuring a smooth transition and satisfactory resolution with Positive Energy.


The Problem.

Station Hotel & Restaurant, a distinguished establishment in Melrose, encountered a disruptive issue with its energy suppliers shortly after renegotiating their contract. The management had successfully secured a new deal with engie for their gas supply, only to be unexpectedly switched to Positive Energy. This unforeseen change led to considerable confusion, resulting in delays and potential financial consequences. Describing their situation with Positive Energy as "an absolute nightmare," the management urgently needed expert intervention to rectify these complications.


Our Solution.

In response to the hotel’s plight, Direct Business Solutions took the lead in resolving the issue. Conducting a detailed analysis of the contracts and communications between all parties, we engaged directly with both engie and Positive Energy.

Our efforts were focused on untangling the misunderstandings and securing a resolution that was agreeable to everyone involved. Our employees professionalism and meticulous attention to detail facilitated a satisfactory agreement with Positive Energy.


Our Result.

Direct Business Solutions professionalism and attention to detail were instrumental in reaching an agreement with Positive Energy. Their continuous updates and transparent communication with the hotel’s management were key to keeping them informed and reassured throughout the process.

Station Hotel & Restaurant

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