Proficio Limited

Direct Business Solutions delivered timely gas supply solutions and operational support for Proficio Limited.

What We Did.

Direct Business Solutions implemented a flexible gas solution for Proficio Limited, reducing costs and resolving a critical gas pressure issue, ensuring timely operations without delays.


The Problem.

Proficio Limited, a chemical manufacturer, approached us post-pandemic, seeking a flexible gas supply solution for their main site. Initially hesitant to fix gas rates due to high wholesale costs, the company faced a pressing challenge when they acquired a new, previously dormant site. This site, intended to be a carbon copy of the main one with gas-intensive machinery, had inadequate gas pressure due to prolonged inactivity. With machinery installation scheduled for the following week, insufficient gas pressure threatened to delay operations, potentially incurring substantial costs for rescheduling the installation.


Our Solution.

Our team swiftly assessed and analysed the situation, opting for a flexible gas supply solution, MP Gas, which allowed us to trade costs down from peak levels to more stable market rates, significantly reducing the company’s projected gas expenses. This strategic approach not only saved the client money but also contributed to their financial success, enabling them to expand by purchasing the new site. As the gas pressure issue at the new site emerged, our prompt intervention with the gas supplier and national grid facilitated an immediate response. We arranged for an engineer to visit the site the same day we were notified, effectively resolving the gas pressure issue and allowing the scheduled installation of machinery to proceed without delay or additional cost. This timely resolution safeguarded the client’s investment and supported their expansion plans.


Our Result.

We were delighted to have supported Proficio Limited in navigating their post-pandemic challenges with a flexible gas supply solution. Our ability to quickly address and resolve the gas pressure issue at their new site not only prevented costly delays but also played a crucial role in their successful expansion. We take pride in our responsive and tailored approach, ensuring that our clients' operations proceed smoothly and cost-effectively.

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