New Victoria Hospital

Implementation of Panoramic Power

What We Did.

How we helped New Victoria Hospital quickly and effectively implement Panoramic Power to help reduce their consumption.


The Problem.

New Victoria Hospital needed to engage a consultant for an important project. The management had reached out to multiple consultants and received several proposals. However, they faced difficulties in comparing these proposals and identifying the best value for their needs. Additionally, the consultants’ responses varied in terms of pricing and availability, adding to the complexity of the decision-making process.


Our Solution.

Upon receiving a recommendation from one of their GPs, the management of New Victoria Hospital contacted Alexander Davis. Alexander promptly offered a call on the same day and provided several proposals within 24 hours. His ability to deliver competitive pricing compared to other consultants was a decisive factor in the hospital's decision to proceed with his proposal.

Throughout the discussion period, Alexander was exceptionally helpful, addressing queries and promptly resolving issues. Once the contract was signed, he organised the Panoramic Team to conduct a survey and complete the installation swiftly. Any issues raised were quickly addressed, and Alexander's clear communication and reliability were greatly appreciated by the hospital's management.


Our Result.

Alexander Davis wasrecommended to us by one of our GPs. Once we reached out to him he offered acall on the same day and within a day we had a few proposals to choose from.During this period we had another two Consultants we dealt with, however,Alexander managed to beat their prices hence we went ahead with one of hisproposals. During the discussion period Alexander was extremely helpful, washappy to jump on calls to answer our queries anytime. Any issues or querieswere dealt with promptly and adjustment were made where required.

Once contract was signedAlexander organised the Panoramic Team to get in touch with us – survey wascarried out and installation was done quickly.

Any issues we raised withthe report etc. has been addressed and answered by Alexander. I can honestlysay Alexander’s communication skills are excellent, he is very professional andvery reliable. He explains everything clearly and when he promises to comesback to us he always delivers.

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