MAHLE Engine Systems UK Ltd

Lowing energy usage and bills with Pan Power.

What We Did.

Assisting in the implamentation, training, and running of Pan Power, helping lower energy usage and create energy efficiency.


The Problem.

To support this objective, the site team at the MAHLE Engine Systems team in Kilmarnock were seeking a solution to better understand the energy flow around their facilities that would provide granular energy consumption and analytics for energy-intensive assets and processes. The visibility that PP and visibility provides, and ease of deployment was the main contributing factor to them investing in the solution. Having previously procured some Panoramic Power Energy monitoring sensors directly from Centrica, the site team were seeking support with the deployment strategy and commissioning best practices.


Our Solution.

As experts in technology, Direct Business Group held an initial training session with the Mahle team to better understand their requirements and confirm their investment to date was aligned with their objectives. Being able to see both the ease of deployment and the insights gained from the system, this visit led to an increased scope of work as a best practice project was agreed upon. Following Mahle’s purchasing of some additional equipment, DBG provided training to Mahle electricians to enable them to deploy, set up, and commission the system themselves.


Our Result.

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