Kendal Nutricare

Driving efficiency and innovation in energy management for Kendal Nutricare.

What We Did.

We implemented a tailored energy strategy for Kendal Nutricare, achieving cost savings and enhancing consumption insights, securing our partnership until 2028.


The Problem.

When Kendal Nutricare approached us, they were looking to adopt a stand-alone flexible purchasing strategy for energy procurement after their previous provider had declined their request. They were also keen to gain a deeper understanding of their energy consumption patterns across their facilities, which was not being met with their current arrangements.


Our Solution.

We responded by leveraging our extensive network of supply partners to negotiate a tailored purchasing framework that enabled immediate cost savings for Kendal Nutricare, despite challenging market conditions. We also introduced a state-of-the-art real-time asset-level submetering solution throughout their entire estate, providing critical insights into energy consumption profiles that proved invaluable for their business operations.

Within three months of signing the initial framework agreement, our effective hedging strategy yielded costs significantly below forecast. Kendal Nutricare was so impressed with the results that they extended our partnership until 2028. As part of our ongoing collaboration, we are currently undertaking a major system redevelopment project, replacing their commercial boiler system with a combined heat and power (CHP) solution to further reduce their grid power reliance and decrease costs.


Our Result.

As manufacturer of high quality infant formula using whole milk we are a high energy consumer of gas and electricity. It was therefore important to us that we partnered we an organisation which is highly knowledgeable and proactive in hedging our gas and electricity purchases and helping us find solutions to improve and monitor the efficiencies of are processes on an asset by asset basis.
The expertise in understanding our business, needs and aims was refreshing and the gas and electricity trading strategy was discussed and implemented painlessly. For myself and the engineering team the provision of their submetering solution has assisted us in further improving our manufacturing facility by giving us real time and historic trends in gas, electricity, water and steam usage and has been invaluable.
Direct Business Solutions have also assisted us in our carbon reduction planning and projects to a very detailed level in the same proactive offering which has added a lot of value to us. I, on a personal level, am very pleased with our partnership and look forward to Direct Business Solution assisting us in our growth.

Tim Hallam - Financial Controller @ Kendal Nutricare

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