South York Multi Academy Trust

We assisted SYMAT in saving over £10,000 and advancing sustainability goals.

What We Did.

Direct Business Solutions helped York Multi Academy Trust enhance energy management and secure a significant refund by correcting overcharges, facilitating their progress towards sustainability goals.


The Problem.

The York Multi Academy Trust was facing significant challenges in managing its energy contracts and reducing its environmental footprint. Despite regular interaction with various departments at Direct Business Solutions (DBS), including Corporate Sales, Customer Care, and Environment and Sustainability, issues such as overcharges on government levies and VAT were evident.

The need for expertise in submitting Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) and advancing towards Net Zero was critical, emphasising the need for a strategic approach to handle their energy spend and carbon footprint effectively.


Our Solution.

It has been a pleasure being able to work alongside Sam at South York Multi Academy Trust, I am extremely proud of the work we have done over the past few years.

My role as account manager was primarily to ensure we have protected the business from rising costs, with a fixed 5 year contract and todays current market I am delighted the future costs of the academy has been protected. Twinned with the work sustainability have done I am really proud to represent South York Multi Academy Trust and Direct Business Solutions.

Tom Gregan, Account Manager


Our Result.

DBS were able to highlight that we were being overcharged on a certain Government levy and VAT, they were not only able to get this reduced for us moving forwards, but they claimed a refund that was over £ 10,000 back for us from our historic suppliers.
We feel we have been very well looked after from the beginning of our relationship with DBS and will continue to work alongside their expert teams where the Academy Trust’s energy management and sustainability are concerned. I would recommend their services to any other Academy or educational facility, as well as any other business that feels they might be able to benefit from their friendly and helpful expert advice.


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