What is Energy Procurement?

March 23, 2022

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What is energy procurement?

Put simply Energy Procurement is the process of finding the best suited utility contract for your business, considering price, size, location and future needs.

There are hundreds of energy suppliers across the industry and different types of tariffs you can choose from, this makes it very competitive and difficult to know if you are really getting the best deal for your business. Procurement can make this process much easier as it takes into consideration your price, location sustainability and needs of the business, creating the best tariff possible.

How does energy procurement work?

Why should use energy procurement?

There are many reasons why you should consider energy procurement:

·       It takes away a lot of the workload you would have to deal with if you chose to organise your energy on your own. An energy broker/consultant will take many of the confusing or difficult tasks off your hands, making the process much less stressful.

·       Procurement minimizes the risk of hidden fees and costs.

·       Depending on the type of contract you choose, you can have lower energy cots for the entire duration of your contract, combatting the volatility of the energy market.


How can DBS help?

To get started or discuss our various services, get in touch with DBS now, or visit our procurement page on our website.

DBS supply you with a dedicated account manager, meaning you have someone on hand to deal with any issues and supply you with information regarding your contract.