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January 19, 2023

Optimising Your Business's Water Bill

Keeping your business's water bill can be a struggle, but with some advice and guidance from industry experts, you can keep them low and under control.

Water Audit

Maximising your efficiency in any regard is extremely important, especially with your business’s water usage. Over usage, poor maintenance and out-of-date equipment can all lead to overspending on your water.

An audit considers every aspect of your business’s water use and utilises this to access efficiency and make recommendations. You will also be advised on how to implement these changes and the prices involved.

Water over-usage can come from a variety of determining factors, such as programmed processes (e.g. reducing rinsing times) and unoptimised equipment like spray nozzles, pipework and valves, or any other equipment that uses water in any way. Audits may also consider the quality of your water, which can help if you are consuming this water through your taps for example.

Leak Detection

Leak detection systems can be extremely helpful for any kind of business, but most valuable to companies who use lots of water throughout their sites. As leaks can cause serious damage to equipment, buildings and sometimes even staff, leak detection is a must. They can even help reduce the risk and prevent leaks altogether, bringing peace of mind.

There are different types of technology that leak detectors can come in, here are just a few:

·      Flow-based

·      Sensor-based

·      Distance Measuring

·      BREEAM

Picking the right tech for your business is a huge choice, that’s where DBS come in.

Bill Validation

Bill validation can be utilised across all your business’s utilities, ensuring everything is in order and you are paying what you should be, no more under or overpaying.

Client Rebates

Finding out you have been overpaying on your bills can be a drag, especially when repaying the money seems impossible. DBS are experts in this area and have recovered well over £1.2 million in client rebates. So leave this one to us.

If you would like help with any of the above, do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our experts today by clicking here, or calling us on 0800 0315470.

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