Investing in the future for your business

April 28, 2022

DBS Sports Fund

Investing in the future for your business

Investing into green projects or technologies for your business is a great way to not only help combat climate change, but make sure your business is future proof. This blog focuses on some of the most effective ways to make this change.

Green energy

Switching to a renewable energy source can be extremely simple when using a broker/consultant, this can save you money, create longevity within your company and bring many more benefits. We have lots of information around this topic on our other blogs. Click here to learn more about green energy.

Solar panels

Solar panels are a great piece of technology which is constantly becoming more consumer friendly and advanced each year. Installing solar panels on or around your building(s) could bring your energy costs down to zero and could even create an opportunity to sell energy back to the grid and create another source of income.


Recycling is a simple but efficient way to reduce your businesses carbon footprint. There are small ways such as adding recycling bins around your workplace which can encourage staff to recycle. With such minimal work and effort, this can be a great first step to creating an eco-friendly working environment.

Energy saving technology

There are many types of technology which can reduce your carbon emissions, for example LED lighting can uses less than half the energy of a regular halogen bulb, lasts years longer ad is also proven to help with focus and reduce procrastination. Another example are smart meters, they can help you monitor your usage much easier and take much more accurate readings, meaning you can spend less on your energy. Other examples include smart water meters and CHP units.

Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Adding EV charging points to a car park can not only benefit existing EV drivers, but encourage people to drive EVs, as you are offering more benefits. Effectively offering them a free full tank of petrol every working day.


Although some of these changes are much bigger than others, they all surround the same goal of reducing your carbon footprint. You will also be showing your staff and customers that you really do care abut making the right kind of changes. If you are interested in becoming a more green business, get in touch with DBS today to find out how we can help, or have a look around our website for more information.