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October 20, 2021

Announcing our Sports Fund

We are happy to announce our brand new sports fund, helping grassroots sports and local teams celebrate their success

We are delighted to finally share with you the comprehensive details of our exciting new sports fund! This fund has been meticulously crafted with the purpose of providing crucial support to grassroots sports initiatives across the nation. Additionally, we aim to extend our assistance to local teams, enabling them to revel in their achievements and successes. Through the infusion of substantial time and monetary resources, our ultimate objective is to foster the growth of sports and provide a solid platform for local teams to thrive.

Allow us to present our esteemed current roster, which comprises remarkable individuals and teams who embody the spirit of dedication and excellence in sports:

  1. Birtley FC: Birtley FC, a local team hailing from the vibrant community, has been valiantly competing in the EBAC Northern League Second Division. Notably, they earned their well-deserved recognition by clinching their inaugural trophy in 1998. This glorious triumph came to fruition when they overcame the formidable Annfield Plain in the League Challenge Cup Final.
  2. FC Cherry Tree: Another noteworthy addition to our esteemed roster is FC Cherry Tree, a recently formed local team. Despite their relatively young existence, they have already begun making waves in the sporting realm. Presently, they are actively engaged in the fiercely competitive Blyth and Wansbeck Sunday League, showcasing their passion and determination.
  3. Calum French: We are proud to announce the inclusion of Calum French, an extraordinary athlete and former star representing Team GB. Hailing from the illustrious town of Gateshead in Tyne and Wear, Calum French has recently inked a momentous long-term promotional agreement with Eddie Hearn's prestigious Matchroom Boxing. The highly-anticipated professional debut of this exceptional talent is scheduled for November, promising an electrifying display of skill and promise.

As we embark on this thrilling endeavour, we remain committed to expanding our DBS family by welcoming additional remarkable teams and athletes. Stay vigilant and keep your eyes peeled for the exciting developments that lie ahead!

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