Account Management


What is Account Management?

We’ll look after your Utility requirements and make sure you get a great package from your supplier. We will deal with all your issues from incorrect billing, new sites, meter problems, VAT backdates, contract changes etc. Account Care can be priced on a fixed term or use a variety of portfolio pricing options.


Realtime alerts

Set your alert parameters and relax knowing that alerts are in place and will tell you when things aren’t operating correctly.

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Bespoke reports

Need that process reporting on or want to access your lighting data? Just select the type and run a report.

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International performance measurement

Prove those projects with the ability to check prior, throughout and at the end of aproject, take a snapshot in time and prove the project install.

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Tenant billing

Automatic billing system for any number of sites with the option to add a management fee to recover costs and add additional revenue.

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You carry on as usual, let us do the work.

With over 25 years of experience throughout the company, we know what we're doing when it comes to helping businesses.

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